What Are The Main Reasons For Marriage Failure?

Marriage is a beautiful thing. In a world where people are reluctant to make commitments as marriage, it is important to make sure that they are protected and long lasting. To have a successful marriage, it is always good to know where you could go wrong or the most common reasons for the failures of them. Definitely ‘happily ever after’ is not very practical in real life. Not a single marriage can be considered a bed of roses or full of happiness and enjoyment all lifelong. Every married couple has problems. While some get through them with understanding and flexibility, others struggle and end their marriages. We are all living in an era where things are thrown once broken than trying to fix them. This is the problem of our generation. What are the main causes for failure of marriage?

Unfortunately, “cheating” hits the top of the list of reasons. This is a mistake knowingly made by married couples, which is also the tragedy of it. Marriage is a mutual agreement where the man and the woman enter into; to stay faithful to each other till death do them apart. This concept of marriage is seldom grasped by people and has become the number 1 reason for consulting divorce lawyers Newcastle and ultimately, marriages to end.

Communication issues
The next common reason is the problem of “we cannot understand each other” or “we really can’t communicate”. Most couples believe that proper communication is about agreeing with each other which is not at all true. You don’t need to agree for the same thing all the time. The challenge is to communicate the disagreements; to share thoughts coherently and clearly. For this, both parties need to listen and talk at a 50-50 rate. Patience is a virtue that most people lack in relationships. If you consult a few divorce lawyers Newcastle they will tell you how petty are the reasons that sometimes lead people to divorce.

Abuse is not only physical. While some couples experience physical abuse and divorce lawyers Sutherland there are others who go through psychological and emotional abuse, know more at https://www.wattsmccray.com.au/south-nsw/. The reason for abuse is the need for dominance or superiority in the relationship. Before entering into marriage it is very important to understand that both parties share equal rights and responsibilities in a marriage. One cannot possibly rule over the other or try to have dominance.

Sexual incompatibility
Next in line is the problem of sexual incompatibility among the couple. The main reason behind this problem is not being completely honest with each other. It is important to understand the needs of each other and be sensitive to them at the same time. If they are unable to openly discuss them as a couple they could always get the help of a professional and not make it a reason for the failure of marriage.