Know Your Law

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. You can’t just go to a court of law and say “your honour I did not know that the law forbade this” or “your honour I did not know that there was a law like that”. The legal system does not allow you to take up the defense of being ignorant of the applicable law governing your daily activities and yourself. No, as a prudent man or woman you are required to be aware of the law. This may sound unjust and you may think “how are we to know all the laws the parliament decides to enact?” Well, you are not required to know all the laws but you must have a sense or idea of what laws govern you as a responsible citizen of a country. That is how the government or state can ensure obedience and adherence to their legal system. If the citizens remain unaware of the law of the land then how are the authorities going to enforce the laws for a smooth functioning country?

So yes, you are required to be aware of the law that governs you. There are many steps to learn and be updated on this. And today we are going to discuss about the ministers of the legal system or the legal profession which is the intermediaries of the law between the courts and the people.

There are different types of lawyers in the area of practice. Largely the category can be divided in to two main areas which are; civil lawyers and criminal attorneys. As their name indicates they specialize in one area (whether civil or criminal) but sometimes in both. Criminal law is basically the offenses you do against the state and civil law is the law that governs wrongs committed against individuals. One can think that murdering someone is a civil wrong because it is between two individuals. But no, the state assumes the part of the victim (that is why the state prosecutors file the case instead of the Tamil of the deceased) because murder is a crime against the whole society at large and no citizen should be allowed to do so without repercussions. Thus it is considered as a grave offense against the state. This for offenses with penal sanctions you must employ those who specialize as licence appeals in Sydney

Within those two areas there are small sub areas and you can find many lawyers specializing in different types of sub categories. You get lawyers like drink driving lawyer, corporate lawyer, etc.

The legal profession is considered to be an extremely noble profession because it is involved in the process of obtaining justice for those who are oppressed and victimized. The profession holds a very high level of prestige and lawyering I considered to be one of the highest income earning professions.